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Mom-To-Be Learns That Her Itchy Stretch Marks Are A Pregnancy ALLERGY


A first-time mom in the UK was horrified when doctors told her that she was essentially allergic to her pregnancy. Read on for the full story!


A first-time mother was horrified to find that her body was literally allergic to her pregnancy before she gave birth.

25-year-old Fiona Kerrigan had just three months to go when her belly suddenly began to break out in an angry red rash.

Once she realized the little red bumps surrounding her belly’s stretch marks weren’t going away, Kerrigan consulted her doctor and received a shocking diagnosis.

The mom-to-be learned that she had developed Polymorphic Eruption of Pregnancy (PEP), an allergic reaction thought to be linked to the stretching of a woman’s skin during pregnancy.


“I got a few stretch marks across my bump - they were quite red and itchy, and then they started to get bumpy and raised,” Kerrigan told The Daily Mail. “From there it spread like wildfire - all over my body.”

“I had bright red tiger stripes on my belly, and angry red patches all over my body. It was everywhere - all over my arms and legs and even the palms of my hands,” she added.

According to most medical experts, PEP is more likely to occur in a first-time pregnancy, when a woman’s skin is at its firmest.

“The way the doctor described it to me was that my skin had stretched so far, to the absolute limit - so far that some of the baby's cells had started to mix with my own, causing a reaction,” Kerrigan said. “Essentially, I was allergic to my pregnancy.”


Fortunately for Kerrigan, the itchy red bumps went away after she gave birth to her healthy son in January 2015.

“As horrible as it was, it was all worth it in the end - as soon as I held my son I forgot all about it, and I'd have another baby even knowing it might happen again,” she said.

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