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Mom Wakes Up From Traumatic Birth To Discover That She Was Not The First Person To Hold Her Baby


A new mom is fuming after her mother-in-law tip-toed into her hospital room and held her child before she did. Keep reading for the full story!


Most moms have mother-in-law stories that would make any woman seethe with anger, but some are far worse than others.

We’ve heard stories of mothers-in-law who try to change their grandchild’s name, and others of soon-to-be grandmothers who completely ruin a major gender reveal for the whole family.

It’s no secret that some mothers-in-law completely overstep their boundaries, but this one might just take the cake for being the biggest MIL no-no.

In a shocking post on the parenting forum Mumsnet, one mom reveals that she had her husband decided to stay with her in-laws before the birth of their first child.

The mom wrote that she had quite a traumatic birth that forced her and her husband to rush to the hospital in the middle of the night.

In the end, the mom was forced to have an emergency C-section, so she didn’t get a chance to hold her baby right away.

Although the mom had told her husband that she didn’t want any visitors for 24 hours, her mother-in-law, a doctor, walked right in a held the newborn baby—without permission.

"She was able to obtain access to the recovery area with her works access card, and just let herself in without permission.I wasn't asked if it was okay if she could be there, and because I was being stitched up on theatre still, she held my DD before I even got to. I'm so angry and upset about this. Prior to going into labour, I'd discussed with DH that I didn't want anyone visiting for at least a day or so, let alone have MIL there before I've even held my own child. I'm livid that the midwives allowed her to be there without asking me and I'm angry that DH didn't advocate for me more too. He should have told her not to come, or to wait outside," she wrote.

The mom’s resentment has been growing ever since, especially after she learned that sensitive medical information had been shared with her mother-in-law.

So, is this mom right to be angry with her mother-in-law? Many Mumsnet commenters said, yes!

"She should NEVER have been allowed to do all this, and know stuff about you. Have you spoken to your DH [darling husband] about this? Don't blame him (if you can help it,) his head was probably all over the place. Your MIL used her privilege to get her own way by the sound of it, and it was unacceptable," wrote one user.

"I'm so sorry. What a wanker that woman is. You are completely justified in feeling violated and angry. You're also justified in feeling unsupported and let down by DH. You have grounds to make a formal complaint. 1. No way should Mil have used her work card to access the area where you were. 2. Staff should have stopped her wandering in," another added.

Some, however, thought the blame should be placed on the new dad.

"If you're that upset then it's your DH you need to be upset with. Your MIL only did what her son asked her to. As a parent it seems natural she would support her child," one user wrote.

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