Mom Walks Into Basement To Grab Some Papers For Her Stolen Car. When She Returns, Police Notice The Frozen Look On Her Face First. Then They See What She's Holding


A 7-year-old girl in Philadelphia is in extremely critical condition after she was found in a basement with a plastic bag over her head. Keep reading for more details!


A 7-year-old girl in Philadelphia is in critical condition after she was found in a basement with a plastic bag over her head.

According to CBS Philadelphia, authorities were already at the Philadelphia home around 1 a.m. on Wednesday when the incident happened.

Investigators say they were at the home speaking to a woman who thought her 18-year-old son might have stolen her car.

After a quick conversation, the woman was reportedly asked to retrieve some information about the missing vehicle for police.

When she returned, police say the woman was carrying a lifeless little girl, according to CBS Philadelphia.

Authorities say the shocked woman told them that she had found the 7-year-old unconscious in the basement with a bag over her head, though she removed the bag immediately.

“We heard screaming and we came out, and the cops were giving the little girl CPR,” said neighbor Kathy Burgos. “And after that I know they took her to the hospital.”

The girl was immediately rushed to the hospital when authorities realized she was not breathing.

According to reports, the little girl was successfully revived at the scene, but she remains on life support at a nearby hospital.

"At this time, we don't know how the 7-year-old child came to have a bag over her head and became unconscious," Philadelphia Police Chief Insp. Scott Small said shortly after the disturbing discovery. "We are not certain right now if this was an intentional act or if this was a crime or if this was just an accident."

Police have since revealed that the woman’s son, identified as Samir Alford, surrendered to authorities not far from his mother’s home.

Investigators believe Alford may have strangled his little sister and placed a bag over her head while high on what is known as K2.

At this point, Alford has been charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault, and theft.

Several news outlets have since shared this heartbreaking story on Facebook, where many commenters prayed for the child’s recovery.

“It is extremely heartbreaking that if this young man is found to be guilty of his sisters death, the parents are losing two children one to death and the other one gets locked up for life... Extremely sad, I feel awful for everyone involved. The young man needs to pay for his crime, Lord bring healing to that distraught mother, Amen,” one commenter wrote.

“So sad I would kill someone if they hurt my daughter she means the world to me that's why I leave her with no one I trust no one,” another added.

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