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Mom Warns Parents About Eating MANGOES Outside After Daughter Gets SEVERE Burn


A little girl was rushed to the hospital with a severe burn after eating mangoes in the sun while on vacation in Florida. Keep reading for more details!


A fun day in the sun requires a lot of sunscreen, water, and healthy snacks so kids can enjoy their time outside without worrying about dehydration or feeling sluggish.

That’s why Melina Kaufman thought some delicious mangoes would be the perfect sweet treat for her daughter Eliana, who was playing in the sun last week.

According to CBS Miami, Kaufman and her family were on vacation in Sarasota, Florida, when Eliana noticed a mango tree near the pool.

After enjoying the tasty mango, Eliana went on with her day playing by the pool before heading back to the hotel for the night.

The next morning, the family was getting ready to start their next day of vacation, when Kaufman noticed a blistering burn all over her daughter’s chest.


“Eliana never complained about any pain that night but was very tired. The next morning, while putting on her bathing suit, Seth saw her chest and noticed what looked like a burn with five water blisters on it (each the size of a pencil eraser,” she told CBS Miami.

After taking Eliana to see a doctor, Kaufman was shocked to learn that the juices from the mango was what caused her daughter’s severe burn.

On Facebook, she warned other parents:

Don’t let your kids eat mangos outside! Eliana got a blistering burn on her chest over the weekend and we had no idea why (she wasn’t in the sun long and was wearing sunscreen and a swim shirt). We took her the doctor yesterday and found out it was from an enzyme in the juice of mangos (and other citrus fruits) that combined with the sun to cause a chemical burn. I had never heard of it and wanted to warn other parents. She is dealing with it well and we are treating it with a prescription topical cream.

PS This is different from an allergic reaction. It can happen to anyone, especially people with fair skin.”

Kaufman was later told that the burn was caused by phytophotodermatitis, a skin condition that comes from sensitivity to chemicals in certain plants, like mangos, limes, and other citrus fruits.

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