Moments After Returning Home From Park, Mom Sees Toddler's 'Little Pink Sweats' Being Carried Away


A New Mexico mom rescued her 2-year-old daughter from a would-be kidnapper who tried to walk away with her outside their apartment. Keep reading for the full story!


A New Mexico mom saved her daughter’s life after a stranger walked off with her outside of their apartment earlier this week.

As KRQE reports, Kadisha Medina had just returned home from the park with her 2-year-old daughter when she realized something just wasn’t right.

“My husband and younger son came in first,” Medina said, adding that her daughter was following them inside.

“She’s independent, likes walking on her own,” she said. “She was sitting on the steps like she always does.”

As Medina set her purse down inside her apartment, it suddenly hit her that her daughter was nowhere in sight.

“Her little pink sweats were being carried away by someone. So I ran over to go get her and when I grabbed her he wouldn’t give her back,” she said.

29-year-old Dustin Sherman ran straight through the parking lot while carrying Medina’s daughter in his arms.

“He was holding her like he was cradling his own kid,” Medina recalled. “I yanked her out of his arms and then he tried touching my arm and said, ‘I love you girls and I’ll see you later.’”

Neighbors later told police that Sherman had also walked onto the Apache Elementary School campus and stared at the students through the windows.

When police caught up with Sherman, he denied everything, but prosecutors didn’t buy his story.

Although her daughter is now safe from the would-be kidnapper, Medina hopes her experience can warn other parents to be on the lookout for predators like Sherman.

“You see this kind of stuff on the news and can’t imagine it will happen to you, well yesterday I had to imagine,” she said.

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