Months After Husband Forgets Pregnant Wife, She Looks Back At Their Wedding Photos. That's When She Spots A Clue On His Face


When her husband couldn’t remember who she was on their honeymoon, a pregnant woman in the UK knew something was wrong. Keep reading to learn more!


After making it through the stress of their wedding, Emma Cotillard chalked it up to stress when her new husband, Justin, started acting a little strange.

It wasn’t until he forgot who she was on their honeymoon that Emma, who was pregnant with the couple’s first child, realized something was seriously wrong with her husband.

“He woke up one morning and started screaming at me to get out of his room,” she told The Sun. “He thought I was a stranger. He didn’t remember that I was seven months pregnant with our first baby.”

The couple quickly cut their honeymoon short and went straight back to their home in the UK to see a doctor.

The diagnosis was much worse than they ever even imagined: Justin, at 29 years old, had a deadly brain tumor.

While doctors soon revealed that they could not surgically remove the brain tumor, they said chemotherapy and radiation might give him two more years with Emma and their new baby, Mia.

Sadly, in a matter of months, the tumor grew at an alarming rate and doctors told Emma her husband had the most aggressive brain cancer that they had seen in 10 years.

But, throughout the devastating ordeal, Justin held on to life—for his daughter.

“They gave me two weeks to take my husband home before he died,” Emma, now 34, told The Sun.

Miraculously, Justin shocked doctors by surviving another seven months, even making it to Christmas and his 30th birthday.

“None of us could work out what it was,” Emma said. “The only think I could think of was that he hadn’t seen Mia for two days.”

He finally died in Emma’s arms last year, months after the couple married and welcomed their first, and only, child together.

“I went back into his room, lay down next to him on the bed and told him that Mia was on her way,” Emma said.

“That was when he let go. He died knowing that she was ok,” she added.

Looking back, Emma admits that there were clear signs that something wasn’t right with Justin.

“His behaviour had started to become a bit erratic,” she recalled. “He would go off and walk around in circles on his own and sometimes his speech was a bit slurry.”

“We all assumed it was pre-wedding anxiety – we never thought for a second that he might have a brain tumour,” she continued. “But everyone in the congregation on our wedding day noticed that he wasn’t quite right.”

“Looking at the wedding photos now, you can see that the right side of his face is droopy,” she added.

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