Neighbor Gets A Bad Feeling About The 'Drug House' Next Door. When They Walk Inside, They Spot An Old Mattress First. Then They See What's Been Left Behind


The neighbor was completely sickened when they saw what had been left behind on the mattress. Within seconds, they knew it was time to get help before it was too late.


A mother in Florida has been arrested after she allegedly left her 1-year-old baby in a suspected drug house for several days without food.

According to Click Orlando, 31-year-old Ashley Baskett was arrested earlier this week after investigators discovered that she had left her baby at a suspected drug house.

Brevard County Sheriff’s Office PIO Tod Goodyear has since revealed that a concerned neighbor found the baby alone on an old mattress in the house and immediately called the police.

“The citizen told deputies that they had come to the residence, which is known to be frequented by drug users, to talk to the occupants about a theft,” said Goodyear.

“While there, the witness heard a baby crying and upon entering the bedroom, found an unattended child sleeping on a mattress, on the floor, near a hole in the floor. She discovered that the child had been left abandoned at the residence for three days,” he added.

Baskett, who was reportedly known to the neighbor as the baby’s mother, was absolutely nowhere in sight.

Everybody else inside the house appeared to be sleeping and/or under the influence of drugs, according to the neighbor.

It was clear to the worried neighbor that nobody had been taking care of the baby for quite some time.

“The concerned citizen, fearing for the safety of the child, took the child to her residence and immediately contacted the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office,” said Goodyear.

“Upon meeting with the complainant, deputies observed the child’s diaper visibly saturated with urine and the child’s clothing dirty. The child also had unidentifiable marks on his face. Due to the child’s condition, deputies responded to a local store and purchased diapers, baby wipes, and a bottle to feed the child,” he added.

Authorities believe the baby had been left unfed, without a single diaper change, for at least three days before the neighbor finally discovered the terrified child.

Child Protective Services officials have since responded to the scene to take custody of the baby.

According to WESH, Baskett has been charged with child neglect and possession of methamphetamine.

Space Coast Daily later shared this horrific story on Facebook, where several commenters expressed disgust over Baskett’s behavior.

“These children are orphans. They have no one in this world looking out for them. DCF & foster-care isn't cutting it anymore!. It is time to re-open the orphanages and get these children into permanently stable environments with a chance for a future,” one woman wrote.

“Poor baby boy, this child should never have to experience their so called parents bad choices!! Shame on you!” another added.

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