One Month After Coming Down With Strep Throat, Little Girl's Leg Starts To Swell. Within Hours, Her Entire Life Changes


A little girl in Ohio has been forced to have her leg amputated after contracting a deadly infection from strep throat. Keep reading to learn more!


A little girl in Ohio has lost a leg after contracting a deadly infection from having strep throat and the flu.

According to WJW, 6-year-old Tessa Puma was treated for strep throat barely one month ago, at the beginning of March.

Then, just one week ago, Tessa got the flu and her parents quickly noticed that her leg was swelling.

That’s when Tessa’s parents jumped in the car and raced to Akron Children's Hospital, where doctors found a deadly infection that forced them to amputate Tessa’s leg.

According to WJW, Tessa was soon diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis—also known as flesh-eating bacteria—which doctors believe Tessa may have contracted when she had strep throat last month.

As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports, the infection kills soft tissue and "can become life-threatening in a very short amount of time.”

On Monday, dancers from Center Stage Dance Studio in Northfield, where Tessa practiced, sent well-wishes to their fellow dancer.

"She's only 6 years old and we knew when she was probably 4, so at least for two years, we knew she was just such a superstar, she was born to dance," said instructor Stacey Kopec.

"In the 28 years that I've been teaching dance, this is the most devastating thing that we've had to go through," Kopec added.

Tessa loves jazz dancing, tumbling, and hip-hop, her instructor explained.

According to KTLA, her “big dance sister,” Chloe Thomas, describes Tessa as a bright light in any room.

"She is full of energy, she's like always smiling and like, I'm never sad when I think of her, just so happy all the time," said Thomas.

Thomas even visited Tessa in the hospital to show how much she and the other dancers at the studio care.

"Every Thursday, she has ballet and I always give her a piggy back ride and take her to ballet...I love her and I hope she gets well soon and we all miss her," Thomas said.

"We understand that passion that she has and the joy she's brought us, just from watching her dance and being around her, it has just been extraordinary, so this has just been a huge hit to our whole dance family," Kopec added.

Sadly, late Monday evening, Tessa’s family received news that there may be a problem with their little girl’s other leg. Additional tests are being taken to figure out what seems to be wrong.

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