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Parents Shocked At Pee Wee Football Game When THIS Happens ON THE FIELD. OMG!


These kids may not be great football players, but they’ve sure got moves!


This dance is everywhere. You think people would be tired of it by now.

But these pee wee football players know that it’s useless to resist it.

These future NFL players were in the middle of a scrimmage, and instead of paying attention to their game, the background music gave them another idea.

These little players stopped in the middle of the scrimmage to dance to the dance craze that somehow is still sweeping the nation:  the “Whip/Nae Nae.”

Almost every player got in on the action, even the ones who seem like they’re pretty tired of it by now.

And they don’t just do the first chorus. They get in on every part of this now-famous dance.

Sure, they stop occasionally to scrimmage, but the second they’re done, they go right back to grooving to the song.

Many of the players seem to know they’re performing for an audience, and turn towards the parents to show them their moves.

The parents get a kick out of it, and of course, so do we. These little linebackers are cuter than most people doing the Whip these days, and they definitely have better moves than us!

Watch them whip!

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