Parents Tell Their Son He's Being Put Up For Adoption For 'Lyin' Again.' While He Cries In Horror, They Laugh At Him


A mother and father in Maryland are being accused of child abuse after after gaining popularity online by playing cruel pranks on their five children. Keep reading for more details!


A popular vlogger who loves playing childish pranks on his family is facing tons of backlash online after many viewers began accusing him of abusing his kids for fame.

According to 9NEWS, Maryland father Mike Martin, better known as "Daddyofive" online, has been accused of carrying out a series of very cruel pranks against his children.

Both Martin and his wife are being called out for playing the mean-spirited “jokes” on their kids, particularly singling out their 9-year-old son Cody.

In one especially cringe-worthy video, the parents can be seen tricking Cody into throwing a tantrum after telling him that they have decided to put him up for adoption.

In the video, Martin and his wife can be heard screaming at the little boy to "get his f---ing ass up here" only to accuse him of "f---ing lyin' again."

After that video was released, a Philly Voice editorial slammed the parents for their "horrendously callow" behavior against their clearly terrified son.

Brian Hickey, the columnist who wrote the piece, calls out the family for responding to the abuse accusations by creating another video in which they say they are “blocking all the haters.”

"The last thing kids need is to be used as blooper-reel props by the people whose main job on earth is to raise and protect them," Hickey wrote in his column, accusing the parents of using their children as "shields.” "Shame on them both."

In fact, many people who comment on the couple’s cruel video pranks completely agree with Hickey.

"As a former Child Protective Services Investigator – PREACH," one woman wrote. "Nothing waves more red flags than when parents drag their kids in front of me to tell me that they're not abused (all while the parents and other siblings are listening carefully to make sure everyone toes the party line.) This video made me shudder for so many reasons."

Though he refuses to acknowledge that his pranks are being construed as child abuse, Martin has taken to social media to say that he is tired of all the “false accusations.”

Earlier this week, Martin posted a video on Twitter that shows his wife in hysterics, along with the caption "false accusations are killing my family.”

The video, which showed all of Martin’s kids crowded around their tearful mom, has reportedly not been well-received online by the couple’s critics, who believe this clip is just another ploy for sympathy and attention.

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Video Credit: DaddyOFive via YouTube.com

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