Pastor Travels All The Way To The 'North Pole' And Ruins Santa For Dozens Of Kids


A controversial pastor is being slammed after purposely telling kids the truth about Santa Claus for the second year in a row. Read on for the full story!


The truth about Santa Claus is a difficult topic to tackle, one that most parents try to put off for as long as possible.

While we all know the truth has to come out at some point, it’s also important to keep the magic of Santa alive for our kids.

More than anything, though, having “the talk” is a personal choice for parents; nobody should be allowed to decide when the best time to spill the beans is, except you.

That’s why so many parents around the world are furious at Pastor David Grisham, who, for the second year in a row, has decided to ruin the spirit of Christmas for children in a public mall.

Parents will probably remember Grisham’s very public charade last year, when he bombarded kids lining up to see Santa at a mall in Texas with his rant about how Santa was a lie.


This year, he’s actually going the extra mile, travelling all the way to The Santa House in North Pole, Alaska to ruin Christmas for dozens of children.

At the beginning of his latest video, Grisham explains that he simply wants children to know that Jesus Christ, not Santa Claus, is the reason why have Christmas.

"I'm gonna tell the kids here...That there's no such thing as Santa Claus and that Christmas is about Jesus," he says to the camera.

Almost immediately after setting foot in the children’s store, Grisham begins his rant, as several parents stare in horror.


"I wanted to tell you kids today ... that Santa Claus does not exist," he shouts to all the children in the store. "Santa Claus is not real. The man you're going to meet today is a man in a suit, in a costume, and it's make-believe. It's not real."

It doesn’t take long before a store employee walks straight up to Grisham and asks him to leave, but he refuses to move.


“We understand that you have your beliefs but everybody else has their beliefs as well, if you would not interfere with our other customers we would really appreciate it," she tells Grisham.

"I'm not interfering, I'm just telling them the truth and then I'll leave," he responds.

Why don't you just leave and let us enjoy our holiday," one angry woman says as he’s finally ushered out of the store.


Needless to say, parents were furious by Pastor Grisham’s tirade, which was seen as cruel and unnecessary by just about everybody who saw the video.

“There is a way to do everything. And this was just not the appropriate way to share this word. It is actions like this that give Christians a bad name. As a pastor, he’s got to know better,” one woman commented after seeing the video on Facebook.

“How about he mind his own business and worry about his church? Poor kids. They don't deserve this kind of behavior. *smh*” another added.

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