People Think This Photo Of Olivia Wilde And Her Young Son Is 'Disgusting'


Read on to see why parents are freaking out about Olivia Wilde’s latest Instagram photo with her son.


Another day, another celebrity mommy-shaming scandal. With social media being such a prevalent part of basically all of our lives, checking out our favorite celeb’s Instagram and Facebook pages give us inside access to their daily lives.

When a beloved star becomes a parent, it’s even more exciting to get a glimpse into their life off of the red carpet. Unfortunately, there are a lot of parents out there who seem to think they know it all, and they tend to target famous moms and dads. Pink caught heat for wearing her baby boy while cooking veggies, Jana Kramer got ridiculed for the type of food she chose for her baby girl, and Tori Roloff had to defend her son’s crib set up after mommy shamers came after her. The list goes on and on.

While most of those in the spotlight have gotten pretty great and turning the other cheek and ignoring the haters, sometimes the backlash these famous parents get is downright crazy. Case in point: Olivia Wilde.

The stunning mom recently shared a photo of her and her son Otis sharing a sweet smooch while the young boy was taking a bath. “Finding hope in this,” Olivia captioned the photo, complete with a little heart emoji.

Now, Olivia didn’t receive any heat for endangering her child’s life in the tub or anything like that (which she wasn’t) but instead she caught flack for kissing her child on the lips. This type of affection does vary from parent to parent, but it’s a pretty common act amongst loving families.

Despite this completely innocent show of affection, the haters came out in full force, saying how “sick” and “perverted” it is to kiss your child on the mouth.

“I kiss my wife on the lips. And that's LITERALLY it. I've never kissed a child on the lips. Probably never will. Bye.” one Instagram user wrote.

“Adorable. Would it be still appropriate if the genders were switched? Just curious.” said another.

“Yeah but it’s gross. That’s how kids get lip herpes. From adult lip kisses.” one comment read.

Olivia Wilde isn’t the first to gain attention for kissing her child on the mouth. Soccer player David Beckham shared a similar photo on his Instagram page of him and his daughter Harper kissing on the lips, and the haters went crazy then, too.

Thankfully, lots of fans and likewise loving mothers jumped online to defend the image. While the internet is certainly a space for mommy shaming, these types of situations prove that there are those that will defend as well. Olivia hasn’t responded to the strangers who think that a mother kissing her son is “disgusting”, and it’s doubtful that she’ll give it any attention.

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