Photographer Feels Uneasy About Pregnant Woman's Maternity Shoot, But She Nearly Faints When She Sees What Is Covering The Mom's Belly


A pregnant woman in Ohio is making headlines after her maternity photo shoot, which showed her belly covered in bees, went viral on social media. Keep reading for more details!


Emily Mueller has always been someone who loves to walk off the beaten path. As a professional bee keeper in Ohio, she’s certainly not one to cower in the face of danger.

That’s why those who know Emily well weren’t the least bit surprised when she decided to take her maternity photo shoot while surrounded by a swarm of bees.

"[The photos] are absolutely beautiful," said Mueller, according to USA Today. ""They’re everything I ever wanted."

Emily wasn’t just surrounded by bees during the shoot—she was engulfed in them!

As the Summit County Apiary Inspector and Master Beekeeping Program Chair for the Ohio State Beekeeper's Association, Mueller is the woman behind "Mueller Honey Bee," an organization that aims to rescue honey bees through cutouts and swarm removals.

"As I learned about their importance about what they represent, and the fact that we won’t survive without honey bees, kind of became a lot more to me than a stinging insect," she said.

When Mueller discovered she was pregnant earlier this year, she knew she wanted to incorporate her love of bees into her maternity shoot.

With plenty of help from her husband and Kendrah Damis Photography, Mueller’s gorgeous photo shoot quickly came to life right before her eyes.

"I had actually caught the swarm in Wadsworth that morning, prior, at one of the parks they had, so the parks and [recreation] people were only standing a few feet away through the whole thing," she said.

As for having the bees surrounding her growing belly, Mueller says she had quite a bit of help getting that golden shot.

"My husband shook the bees onto the ground, I placed the queen in my hand, on my stomach until the bees started to cover," she said.

Damis, the photographer, admits that she felt a bit uneasy when she saw the bees, but she was mostly in awe of the whole scene.

"When the bees were there, I was a little uneasy, of course, but Emily was so calm and her family was so calm, it just really helped," said Damis.

Unsurprisingly, when Damis shared the unbelievable photos from Mueller’s shoot on Facebook, her post instantly went viral.

While many commenters were shocked that Mueller would take such a big risk with her photo shoot, others praised her for her love of bees.

“Why on earth do people think that bees are out to to sting them? smh,” one woman commented. “The bee dies if it stings - it's always thier very last resort and only if they or thier hive is directly threatened.”

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