Pregnant Mom Feels A Horrible Pain In Her Belly After Her Baby Starts Kicking. Once Doctors Perform A Scan, They Spot Something Unthinkable


A young mom in China nearly died after her unborn baby kicked her with such force that the baby girl’s leg began poking through the womb. Keep reading for more details!


A pregnant woman in China nearly died after her unborn baby kicked her so hard that the child’s leg ripped through the womb.

According to The Daily Mail, doctors are calling this an “extremely rare” case in which Ms. Zhang’s baby kicked her womb with such force that the baby’s leg poked through the womb.

Doctors say the kick nearly killed Ms. Zhang, as the baby tore through a healed wound in the woman’s uterus, where she had previously undergone an operation.

While both the baby girl and her mother are said to be recovering well, doctors had to deliver the child via emergency C-section at 35 weeks, according to the Peking University Shenzhen Hospital in southern China.

In a statement posted on its official social media account yesterday, the hospital revealed that the first-time mom was rushed to the hospital on October 2 after suffering severe abdominal pain for hours.

While the woman’s family assumed she just had a stomach ache, they decided to have her checked out by a doctor just to be on the safe side.

After performing a scan, doctors were absolutely shocked to see the baby’s leg poking through her mother’s womb.

According to The Daily Mail, it was then that the woman told doctors she had undergone an operation in 2016 to have a fibroid removed.

Because the first-time mom fell pregnant just six month after the surgery, doctors believe the baby was able to kick right through her mother’s scar.

The hospital said that the woman’s condition was so critical at that point that they were forced to deliver the baby just 10 minutes after deciding to perform a C-section.

Zhong Shilin, Ms. Zhang's doctor, later revealed that a 2.8-inch rupture had been discovered inside the mom’s uterus, right where the baby had kicked through it.

According to reports, the amniotic sac had also been broken in the chaos, so Ms. Zhang’s abdomen was filled with amniotic fluid.

Since the shocking incident, Ms. Zhang’s doctor is warning other women to have their reproductive organs checked out after having fibroids removed, if they are hoping to have children soon.

“Rupture pregnancies” are still considered to be extremely rare, with only 26 cases reported worldwide.

Last December, a 33-year-old mother in France had to be rushed to the hospital after doctors discovered a tear in her uterus.

In that particular case, the mother delivered a healthy baby boy via C-section.

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