Pregnant Mom Must Protect Unborn Babies From Armed Intruders. What Happens When She Feels The Iron Gives Her An Idea


A mom has opened up about pretending to go into labor when a gang of armed men kidnapped her while she was pregnant with twins. Read on to learn more!


A heroic mom went above and beyond to protect her unborn babies by pretending to go into labor when a gang of armed men attacked her and her boyfriend.

As The Sun reports, 17-year-old Megan Wilcox was getting ready to go out with her boyfriend, George, when the men barged in.

Wilcox instantly recognized one of the men as her neighbor’s boyfriend, but she had no idea who the other attackers were.

One of the men immediately began spouting off about how he thought Megan owed him $50,000, which was not true.

While Wilcox attempted to tell the men that she was pregnant, that information only seemed to make the situation worse.

According to The Sun, the ringleader of the sick men then grabbed the couple’s iron and plugged it into the wall before branding Wilcox and her boyfriend.

“He told me I had 15 minutes to find his money. I was sobbing and I realised I’d wet myself in terror. But Skips and his gang weren’t taking no for an answer,” Wilcox revealed. “He threatened to hurt me with the red hot iron every time I lied to him about not having the cash.”

The men reportedly became fed up with the couple and dragged them out to the boot of a car and sped off.

“We drove for what felt like an eternity. Finally, the boot opened and as my eyes adjusted from the darkness I realised we were at a row of dilapidated garages. It was an execution,” Wilcox recalled.

It was then that Wilcox realized the men had taken her and George onto a main road.

In that moment, Wilcox collapsed to the ground and pretended that she was going into labor, using the wet patch on her pants from to accident to prove that her water broke.

“I cried out that my babies were coming. I looked down at the wet patch on my trousers from my accident earlier and lied that my waters had broken,” Wilcox said. “Skips wasn’t having any of it and told me to get up, pushing his gun into my back and threatening to shoot me.”

“But just then an old lady came pottering past and asked if I was all right,” she added.

Eventually, a small group crowded around them and Wilcox knew she and her babies were finally safe from her attackers.

Sadly, at the hospital, Wilcox learned that the stress of the kidnapping had caused her to lose one of the twins.

“I was devastated – but more determined than ever to get justice,” she said.

At eight months pregnant, Wilcox testified against her attackers, who were all put away for more than a decade.

It’s been more than a year since the attack and Wilcox is now just grateful to have George and her beautiful baby boy, Mitchell.

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