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Pregnant Woman Arrested After Posting Baby Bump Photo...With Syringe And Spoon In Background


A mom-to-be in North Carolina is sitting behind bars after uploading a Facebook photo to showcase her baby bump that also had drug paraphernalia hidden in the background. Read on for the full story!


A pregnant woman in North Carolina is behind bars after posting a photo on Facebook with drug paraphernalia subtly hidden in the background.

The woman from Cherokee, whose name is Natosha Kirkland on her Facebook page, uploaded the baby bump photo as her profile picture on February 16.

At first, there were only a couple of comments, including “Sexy” and “Love it. I wish you the best.” But it didn’t take long before others began noticing a stool in the background that had a spoon and syringe sitting on top of it.

After other Facebook users pointed out the drug paraphernalia in the photo, it became pretty clear why the 26-year-old mom-to-be also had what appears to be a tie-off on her arm.

According to several online records, Natasha (with an “a,” not an “o”) Kirkland was finally arrested on February 19 on a number of charges, including felony credit card fraud, driving with a revoked license, and felony obtaining property under false pretenses.

Shockingly, it does not look like she is facing any child endangerment charges, despite the disturbing Facebook photo.

According to the North Carolina court calendar, Kirkland is also facing a felony charge of larceny of a firearm.


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Photo Copyright © 2014 Natosha Kirkland/Facebook

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