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Pregnant Woman Can't Stop Dancing...Until Her Water Breaks! [Video]


When this pregnant woman decided to let loose and bust a few moves in the kitchen, she had no idea her water would break. Watch this shocking video now!


When this pregnant lady decided she wanted to dance, nothing could stop her from busting some moves—except, maybe, her water breaking!

While this video was actually uploaded to YouTube in May 2014, it’s just now going viral.

“Girl, you know you’re too big to be standing up there, you need to sit down,” the man says to the heavily pregnant woman right as he starts filming.

“Just turn the song on bro, it’s an emotional time for me,” she jokingly replies before dancing with her mop in the kitchen to Sade’s “No Ordinary Love.”

Despite a few warnings from the man to sit and relax, the pregnant woman’s dance routine speeds up pretty quickly.

After a couple minutes pass by, she starts looking like the most flexible pregnant woman we’ve ever seen!

But just moments later, the unexpected happens, and she exclaims, “Holy s—t! Oh my god, my water broke.”

See the clip for yourself below now!

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Video Credit: RedCowHillsTV via YouTube.com

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Photo Copyright © 2014 RedCowHillsTV/YouTube

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