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Professional Makeup Artist Reveals Amazing Makeup Tricks for Moms [Video]


A professional makeup artist transforms everyday women into bombshells in just a few minutes in his YouTube video tutorials. Watch him work his magic now!


In this video, from the “Makeover Project,” a woman’s natural look is freshened up with a few quick and easy makeup tricks.

28-year-old Vadim Andreev is a professional makeup artist from Russia, who does more than just make models and actresses look prettier—he creates real transformations.

Instead of choosing perfect models in his “Makeover Project” videos, many of Andreev’s models are everyday women, of various backgrounds and ages.

In this particular video, the artist transforms his model from an everyday woman into a bombshell in just a few minutes.

One of the greatest parts of Andreev’s artistry is that he uses pretty basic makeup products—concealer, foundation, mascara, eyeliner, etc.

He uses subtle makeup tricks to create natural looks, instead of drastically transforming his models’ faces by caking makeup on.

This creation shows how any woman of any age can change up her look without changing the natural beauty of her face.

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Video Credit: Vadim Andreev via YouTube.com

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