Putting His Foot Down Again: Jim Bob Duggar Is Losing Control Of His Family And They Refuse To Listen To Him This Time


For what feels like the thousandth time, Jim Bob Duggar is yet again feuding with one of his sons-in-law. Keep reading for the full story!


Jim Bob Duggar is fighting with yet another son-in-law, and once again he’s doing it because they disagree with him.

As most Counting On fans know, the Duggars are known for being a happy-go-lucky family, but cross patriarch Jim Bob and there’s going to be a problem.

Jim Bob has feuded with members of his own family on differences as great as religion, as small as wearing pants, and literally everything in between.

Simply put: It’s his way or the highway.

Not long ago, Jim Bob—and, frankly, several other members of the family—had problems with Jeremy Vuolo over religion.

While every member of the family practices the same faith, Jeremy sees some of the strict rules the Duggars put on their children as outdated, specifically when it comes to clothing.

Duggar women wearing pants is strictly forbidden until they get married, and even then they can only put them on if their husbands say so.

Jeremy has always been very vocal about his disdain of the pants ban in the family—a ban that father-in-law Jim Bob stands by.

“It is your liberty as to whether you dress modestly with a modest pair of pants, or with a skirt, or with a T-shirt, or with a blouse,” Jeremy said recently, later adding: "Jesus does not save people to make them wear skirts."

But this feud isn’t about Jeremy—not this time. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Jim Bob is now starting to have problems with daughter Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald.

Once again, religion is the issue here. As it turns out, the Duggars are Quiverfulls while Ben grew up practicing Calvinism.

One of the main points of contention between Jim Bob and Ben is that by practicing Calvinism, Ben and his family believe in predestination, that an individual’s life path is already predetermined.

And this isn’t the first time Ben’s differing opinion has gotten under Jim Bob’s skin.

The pair also clashed last year when Ben—against Jim Bob’s wishes—publicly supported the Black Lives Matter movement.

So, are we ever going to see this feud play out on Counting On? Don’t get your hopes up. This family prefers to keep their disagreements under wraps.

“They chase they almighty dollar instead of their doctrine," said an insider close to the family. "When the cameras aren’t rolling, it’s a whole different life.”

"It’s all about money. It’s crazy," the insider added.

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