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She Collects HUNDREDS Of Paint Chips, Then Transforms Them Into...


With all of the paint chips she collected over the years, she had to find something to do with them all. These ideas will blow your mind!


Walking by the paint section at Home Depot, it’s hard not to be distracted by the array of colors mounted on the walls. Sometimes you even find yourself wandering in the section, looking at the different shades, even if you have no plan to paint anything!

Maybe you’re even guilty of taking some paint chips home with the intent of saving the colors you like for a later date.

I know kids who LOVE to collect the samples… especially the kind that are shaped like Mickey Mouse ears.

But regardless of size or color of the chips, there’s a way to put the cool colors to use that doesn’t include repainting your house 20 different shades! Plus, that probably wouldn’t look the best…

The best part about it? The chips are free!

Here are the top 10 different creations you can make with the chips that will get rid of all the extras you have laying around the house. However, it will probably make your habit of grabbing them an even bigger issue!

The best part about all of these different projects is that you can modify the colors so that you’re using your favorites.

1. Mobile chandelier


This adorable craft would be so cute hung above the bed in the nursery using pastel shades or even in a teenage girl’s bedroom using brighter colors! Find out how to make it here.

2. Rainbow wall


Looking for a fun idea for that boring wall? All of these colors are super bright, which would look awesome for a spunky office or a playroom. You can modify it to be more mellow and it would still look awesome and make a statement. Find out how to do it here.

3. Calendar


There are so many different versions of this one, it’s hard to pick just one to do. It’s so versatile because you can use any frame you want, and colors you want, and any size chips you want depending on how big you want your calendar to be! Here’s one version we love.

4. Coasters


Sometimes even the different names for the paint are cool and fun. This project incorporates the name right into the finished product! I spent weeks trying to find the right shade of blue for coasters to match my redecorated living room. This would have been a much simpler solution to that issue! Get the tutorial here.

5. Abstract wall art


Having bright, statement abstract art pieces is so trendy right now. However, depending on where you go looking, it can get really expensive to buy these! And, what if you decide you don’t like it as much as you thought you would? This project uses paint chips to make the art! The result looks like a professional made it and won’t break the bank! Make it now!

6. Wall mobile


Here’s a different version of the mobile idea that’s also super cool. A little girl would love, love, love this. Plus, think about all the different versions you could make if you wanted to create your own holiday decor! The steps can be found here.

7. 3D art



It doesn’t matter if you want to make a peacock or the sunset; both have a sort-of 3D effect that adds a cool texture to the canvas and a nice change from the other decor you have. These two pieces are so different from each other too. We thought of doing an elephant for a little boy’s room and something like the sunset for the living room! The tutorials for these specific pieces can be found here and here, but don’t be afraid to modify!

8. Gift tags


Never waste another dime buying expensive gift tags that people just throw away! With these you can cut them in any shape you want and have any color you want! Plus, you can easily keep them on hand, or make one in a hurry! There really isn’t a step by step process for this. Just cut the tags in the shape that you like, give it a squeeze with the hole punch and add a ribbon!

9. Napkin holder


Wow. This will take your dinner party game to the next level. No more buying floral napkins that you only use for Easter once a year. Now, you can have plain white napkins and change the colors of the paint chips to match the occasion! It’s so easy and everyone will feel special that you went the extra mile to create their own personal plate setting. You don’t need the steps for this one either. Just cut two slits and pull the napkin through! Then write their name on top.

10. Necklace


Now, talk about versatility! This would be the best item to have in a bunch of different colors to go with every outfit. Plus, think about a fun birthday craft for the teenager in your life who doesn’t know exactly what to do at their party. All the girls would love this! Find out how to make it here.

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