She Just Wants To Go Outside And Tan. But That's When She Notices Something Strange Happening To Her Stomach


She didn’t know if it was normal, so she turned to the internet for help. Their answers were shocking.


While this mom was tanning, she looked down at her new, showing belly. She was suddenly struck with concern, as she found that one side of her belly was fuller than the other side.

She went to the internet for help. When she asked if any other moms had experienced an “uneven tummy” like she had.

Turns out, it’s actually pretty common. Many users on whattoexpect.com had answers for her that made her feel a lot better about her slanted tummy.

“Mine tends to favor the left side most of the time,” wrote one mother. “My last son was the same way (had one side he favored and poked out more on but I can’t remember which side it was). It was like that until I got much bigger.”

“Last pregnancy my belly was bigger on the right side,” wrote another. “Already at 17 weeks I can tell that my belly is larger on the right. Thank you DD for stretching my poor muscles.”

One mother even had a humorous story to tell.

“Well for me, my baby bump gets totally one sided when my bladder is the tiniest bit full. But with me, it’s all on my left side. It’s so funny to me though! I’m like whoa—there’s the baby! Guess I better go use the restroom AGAIN!”

Enough women seem to have experienced this that it seems like it’s a pretty normal phenomenon. Whether or not it’s on the right or left side, it appears that some babies just know where they want to be.

According to these women, the problem tends to resolve itself once you get bigger. If it doesn’t, it may be time to ask what’s going on in there.

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