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She Puts This Mixture On ANY Stain And It Disappears! Magical!


This mom was tired of spending money on stain removers that didn’t do anything. So, she found a recipe that works like magic... and it’s only three ingredients!


Finding a life long reliable brand for removing all the stains in your life can be difficult. Sometimes it takes out food stains great but then you need to get grease off your new jeans and you have no luck.

From chocolate to tomato sauce, coffee to wine, there’s usually a steady stream of stains coming through a household day in and day out.

Plus, what happens if no one tells you about the stains, and then they sit in the hamper until laundry day at the end of the week? Good luck getting them out then!

And sometimes those stain removers are too harsh and end up doing more harm than good. Plus, it’s hard to know what goes into a lot of those products and what kind of effects they’ll have on sensitive skin.

Well, there’s a way to solve all of those issues. There’s a stain remover that meets all the requirements: cheap, effective, gentle, safe!

Where do you buy it? Actually, this is one that you can make at home, which is why you probably don’t already know about it!

Charlene, blogger of My Frugal Adventures and a mother of two, shares her recipe for the best DIY stain remover.

She writes, “I have tried about every product on the market for stain removal and so far I haven’t found anything that works as well as this simple homemade recipe. I get frustrated with stain removal charts as well -- they can be helpful to some, but how am I supposed to know if that blue-ish brown spot is mud, chocolate, or blueberries?”

She says that unless it's the obvious green grass stains, a lot of times it’s super hard to tell what kind of mess her kids come home from school wearing.

Charlene took it upon herself to test all of the popular homemade recipes since nothing in the stores was suitable. Her research over the years has finally come to fruition with the best, all-in-one stain remover that works on the toughest stains and fabrics, no matter what mystery liquid spilled.

And the best part is that the recipe isn’t time consuming or difficult to make. It actually only calls for equal parts of three ingredients: blue Dawn dish soap, hydrogen peroxide, and baking soda!


Another cool thing about making this recipe is that you only have to mix however much you need for a particular stain.

For example, Charlene said for that eight items with stains, she only had to mix one tablespoon each of the three ingredients.

If you want to make a lot at once to just have on hand whenever an emergency situation presents itself, Charlene suggests buying a squeezy bottle from the dollar store and putting the mixture into that.


Once Charlene has as much of the stain remover as she needs for a load of laundry, she rubs a little bit of it directly onto the stain using the back of a spoon.

Then, she lets it sit from anywhere between one hour to a few hours, but not much longer than that because there is a chance the dish soap may leave clothes blue.

“A few hours is just fine -- even on whites,” Charlene writes. “And after letting this stuff sit, most of the items were perfectly clean. Blueberry juice gone, mystery yellow stain gone, grass stains gone, unknown dark brown spots gone.”

Charlene added that for some items with stains that didn’t completely disappear with the homemade remover, she just repeated the process and saw significant improvements each time. She does not, however, that the remover didn’t have much luck on paint stains that weren’t immediately treated.

Now, go give it a shot and good luck!

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