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She Steals A Little Girl's Birthday Present From Her Porch. Now Watch What She Does Next.


California authorities are urging people to be on the lookout for the so-called "prancing thief," who was caught on camera stealing a little girl’s birthday present and skipping away. Keep reading to learn more!


A woman in California was caught on camera stealing a little girl’s birthday present in broad daylight.

San Jose residents have dubbed the woman “the prancing thief” after seeing surveillance footage that shows her unapologetically stealing a package from a family’s doorstep and skipping off across the street to target another unsuspecting family.

As KPIX News reports, David Jolissaint was crushed by the security camera footage, which shows the heartless suspect snatching his 4-year-old daughter’s birthday gift and “prancing” off like it was no big deal.

After leaving Jolissaint’s property, the package thief reportedly jogged across the street to a neighbor’s home and decided to steal all their mail.

While San Jose authorities are urging people in the area to come forward with any information about the brazen package thief’s whereabouts, it doesn’t look like they’ll catch her in time to retrieve the birthday present Jolissaint bought for his little girl.

NJ.com is now encouraging homeowners to be more cautious of their packages, especially if they know they won’t be home when the goods are delivered.

As the site explains, it’s much better to send a package to your work office or have it delivered to a neighbor than to risk having it stolen by criminals.

If this is not an option for your family, you can set specific delivery instructions to have your package left on the back porch or anywhere you know it won’t be obvious to thieves in the area.

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Video Credit: KPIX News

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