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She Uses Tension Rods In THIS Room Of Her House For A Reason No One...


When she used a tension rod for this unusual reason, everyone was surprised.... but also impressed!


Tension rods can be used to hang shower curtains, bath towels, and... what else? Truth be told, this inexpensive household item is clearly underestimated.

There are so many ways to put tension rods to use, and there's evidence to prove it. People have taken on the challenge of finding the best possible way to get the most out of the narrow rods that come in all different sizes. The reason they're so adaptable? They can basically fit anywhere and can hold a good amount of weight.

Well, we've found some of the best places people have found to use this product. The kicker? Not a single one of them is placed in the bathroom!

Here are the eight best, unlikely uses for your tension rods that will completely transform every corner of your house into an organized wonderland.

1. The play room


It’s as easy as placing curtains on a tension rod in between two shelves or bookcases. This is especially great if your little ones love putting on shows for you. They’ll go nuts for this stage!

2. The kitchen cupboard


Adding a tension rod and some shower hooks in the cupboard near the oven will change your life. You’ll no longer start dinner with frustrated banging and clanking as you search for the right sauce pan to make your meal.

3. The shoe closet



You actually don’t have to go out and buy an expensive closet organizer to clean up the mess that is the massive pile of unworn shoes in your closet. Just take four tension rods, set them at different heights depending on what type of shoes you have, and you’ll be good to go.

4. The nursery


This is especially useful if you are renting at a place or can’t do major construction work to create a cozy little sanctuary for your kids… or even for you! It’s also an affordable version of some of the major DIY home projects you see online. All you need is a tension rod, some curtains, and a reasonable amount of space between a crib and the wall. (It would also probably work if the space was between the wall and a bed frame, bookshelf, or dresser!)

5. The cleaning supply cabinet


Nothing is more irritating than spilled cleaning supply bottles that easily add up under the kitchen sink. A lot of the supplies have a nozzle that can be hooked onto something, like a tension rod! Make use of this feature by storing the 20 half-used bottles of Windex you have in a way that will leave you less stressed every time you open the cabinet.

6. Under the craft table


What? There are actually multiple uses for tension rods under tables. One of them is for craft paper. If you buy a big role of it, it’s harder to find storage. But, kids can go through the stuff pretty quickly, and if it’s out of your sight but closer to where they’ll be coloring, the situation works better for everyone.

Another use for tension rods under the craft table is for ribbons. Making beautiful bows is impressive, but sometimes storing the 50 different colored ribbons you own in a reasonable manner can be difficult. Plus, who wants to dedicate four drawers just to your ribbon collection?


7. The pantry


Cutting boards can be bulky. If you lay them flat, you’re likely to pile stuff on top of them and make access even more difficult. However, if you stand them on their sides, you’re in a constant battle trying to make them not fall over. Here’s a solution to both of those issues. Throw in the cookie sheets as well!

8. The hallway


This one is surprising. Who would guess that the hallway out of all places is a good spot to put tension rods? Turns out they make great baby gates! You can decide how high they need to be and you have more flexibility when it comes to where they should go. Plus, when your kid, or dog, outgrows the need for it, you’re not left with a baby gate you don’t want.

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