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Single Mom Takes Son To A Hotel. When She Sees THIS Inside Their Room, She's FLOORED


A woman working the front desk at a hotel in Ohio gave a struggling single mom exactly what she needed in her time of need. Keep reading to learn more!


An exhausted single mother in Ohio found just the motivation she needed to keep pushing on after reading a short note in her hotel room.

The mom, whose name has not been revealed, explained on the Love What Matters Facebook page that her family—including herself, her young son, and their dog—had recently become homeless.

After selling her last item of value, the struggling mom had just enough money to buy one night at the Quality Inn hotel in Cambridge.

Nobody knew what the family was going through when they showed up early for their check-in time, but a woman at the front desk immediately recognized the mother’s pain.

Instead of forcing her to wait until her scheduled check-in, “Sandy” promised to fetch a supervisor for the mom.

In her now viral Facebook post, the mom told Sandy:

You did not know that my small family is homeless. You did not know I sold my last valuable item for a night in your hotel for my son to have a safe clean place to lay his head, you do not know the struggle to find housing that accepts HUD and a pet. My family is judged before anyone can meet us. You certainly didn't know that I was broken down and crying an hour before because I had lost all hope.”

Not only did Sandy stick to her word by helping the mom and her family get settled early, but she also left a simple note in their room.

The quick note read: “Welcome! Enjoy your stay with us! God Bless You!”

Although the message was brief, it was exactly what the single mom needed in that moment.

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