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Teen Playing Casual 'Game' Of Russian Roulette Horrifies Vine Users


A shocking Vine is going viral of a teen boy playing a casual game of Russian Roulette while his friends watch him play the "game" with a real gun. Read on for more details!


A chilling Vine is quickly circulating the Internet of a high school teenager playing a casual game of Russian Roulette at home—with a real gun.

The teenage boy, who has not been identified, can be seen dropping a bullet into a gun, spinning the cylinder, and placing the muzzle directly into his mouth.

In one heart-stopping moment, viewers can hear a little click as the teen pulls the trigger without hesitation.

Believe it or not, nothing happens, leaving viewers to wonder if the Vine is actually real or if it was edited before hitting the social media site.

California Vine user Connor Ericsson uploaded the clip last month, but it still remains unknown if he captured the video or if he is actually the young man with the gun.

Ericsson titled the Vine, “No flinch zone,” prompting hordes of Vine users to criticize the “game,” begging the teens to stop before somebody gets severely injured.

“That vine of the kid playing Russian roulette absolutely disgusts me,” one Twitter user wrote after watching the clip. “I actually almost vomited.”

“That vine of that guy doing russian roulette [sic] is really stressing me out,” said another user. “I cant stop thinking about it.”

Despite the video garnering mostly negative attention and backlash, the Vine has been looped almost seven million times.

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Photo Copyright © 2014 Connor Ericsson/Vine

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