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Teen Tells Her Friend With Special Needs She'll Only Go To Prom With Him 'When Pigs Fly'...


A high school senior in Michigan told her friend with special needs that she would go to prom with him "when pigs fly." Read on for the full story!


A high school senior in Michigan made her best friend’s whole year with the most incredible “promposal” of all time last weekend.

Hundreds of student were packed in the bleachers in the gym at Everett High School, when 16-year-old Ben Davis first came out.

Ben, a special needs student, had no idea why he was being taken out into the middle of the gym floor—until he saw his good friend, 18-year-old Vee Nguyen.

In the tear-jerking video below, we see a group of student walking toward Ben, carrying a huge box with tape across it.

"It says, 'I'll ask you to prom when pigs fly!'" the announcer says.

At that exact moment, the students cut the tape on the box, as three big balloons—decorated to look like pigs—soar into the air!

With a huge grin on his face, Ben turns around to see Vee standing right there, asking him to be her date to prom.

Since the heartwarming video was shared on Facebook on Friday, it’s already been viewed more than 2.7 million times.

While speaking with the Detroit Free Press, Vee said she was always determined to make her promposal to Ben as public as possible.

"I thought doing it at the pep rally where there are a lot of students would be a great idea to spread the message and to let others know that no one should be treated any different," she said.

See the touching video for yourself below now!

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