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This Baby PERFECTLY Imitates Mom's Pregnant Waddle!! [Video]


This little guy couldn’t pass up an opportunity to put on a grand performance when his dad told him to imitate how his pregnant mom walks. Watch the hilarious video now!


This baby may have just mastered walking, but he’s already well on his way to becoming a professional impersonator.

The hilarious video, perfectly titled “Walk like mommy,” follows a baby boy as he imitates his pregnant mother’s newfound waddle.

The dad can be heard cracking up in the background as he tells little Ellis, “Show me how you walk like momma.”

Ellis immediately moves his toy to begin his grand performance, sticking out his little belly and stomping around like a penguin.

He even starts holding his belly near the end, just like he watches his mom do all the time!

Although Ellis’ mother can also be heard giggling, she just wants viewers to know that she doesn’t usually look so funny when she walks.

“You should have mentioned momma's eight months pregnant,” the baby's mom says in the background with her hands covering her face, to reassure viewers that he's not merely pretending to be “fat.”

Well, Ellis’ new baby brother or sister will be happy to have such a hilarious comedian to look up to!

Watch the cute video now!

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Video Credit: Ashlee Lowry via YouTube.com

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