This Photo Proves That One Woman In The Duggar Family Is Done Listening To Her Husband


A new photo that shows Jinger Vuolo walking with a mystery woman may prove that one woman in the Duggar family is done listening to her husband. Read on for more details!


Up until this point, Jinger Vuolo has been the most rebellious Duggar sister when it comes to breaking the rules set by Jim Bob and Michelle.

Not only has Jinger been married for nearly a year with no baby bump in sight, but she also wears pants and shorts on a regular basis.

As previously discussed, women in the Duggar family are not allowed to wear pants unless their husbands say it’s OK.

Shockingly enough, Jinger’s husband, Jeremy, seems to be the only Duggar spouse who allows his wife to wear a pair of jeans.

But is that finally about to change? According to some eagle-eyed fans, yes!

As The Hollywood Gossip reports, Jinger has started sharing photos from her visit home to Little Rock, Arkansas, and many fans are starting to notice something shocking about one of her travel companions.

In one particular photo, which is in black and white, Jinger can be seen walking with a female friend through the Arkansas State Capitol Building.

While the two women can only be seen from behind, Jinger is very clearly the one on the right. So who is the woman on the left?

According to many fans, the woman on the left is clearly Anna Duggar, Josh’s wife, who is about to give birth to the couple’s fifth child any day now.

But what makes the photo so surprising is that the woman, believed to be Anna, is obviously wearing a pair of pants.

“Girl on left – Anna???” one fan commented on Jinger’s photo.

“Anna could be a fit for the woman on the left. But I doubt, she would ever wear pants!" another added after seeing the photo.

Throughout her entire time on both 19 Kids and Counting and Counting On, we have never seen Anna wear pants.

If this woman does prove to be Anna, Jinger’s photo could be a clear indication of who is wearing the pants (figuratively) in her and Josh’s marriage at this point.

For the last couple of years, we have all been waiting for Anna to realize Josh is a creep and divorce him, but they have reportedly reconciled—for now.

After everything Josh put her through—the cheating, the molestation scandal, the Ashley Madison account—Anna must hold the reigns in the relationship at this point.

That means if Anna wants to wear pants, she can certainly do so whenever she pleases!

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