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This Pregnant Mom Was In So Much Pain She Could Barely Walk. Her Doctor's Solution? TAPE!


Brightly colored tape used to help athletes deal with muscle injuries is making its way into the homes of pregnant moms everywhere. Keep reading to learn more!


If you follow sports, then you’ve probably seen plenty of athletes walking around wearing brightly colored kinesio tape.

The tape has been used to help all kinds of different athletes deal with muscle and joint pain, so their injuries can heal faster.

Now, it looks like this amazing tape is making its way into the homes of expectant moms to help relieve the pain and discomfort that many women experience during pregnancy.

According to the SwissPhysio blog, kinesio tape is already proving to be a life-saver for uncomfortable pregnant moms.

One of those moms, Jennie Franks, actually couldn’t believe it when her doctor suggested using kinesio tape to help her deal with the shooting pain in her back, legs, and pelvis.

“We wondered how on earth some strips of coloured tape could make any difference, but I was in so much pain I was willing to try anything,” Jennie said.

Angela Petrocchi, a physiotherapist with SwissPhysio, ended up using the bright tape to help offer extra support in Jennie’s abdomen, pelvis, and legs.

Immediately, Jennie felt a huge difference when she left Petrocchi’s office that day.

“I couldn’t believe how much relief it gave me,” she said. “[My husband] says the difference in me shuffling into the clinic and then walking out again was amazing.”

According to Petrocchi, the tape can help with a lot more than muscle and joint pain; it also improves overall circulation.

Because the kinesio tape is waterproof, Jennie said she could wear it for several days—even in the swimming pool—before she had to change it.

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