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Toddler Flips Over An Empty Flower Pot And Calls Mom Over. That's When It LUNGES At Them


A Texas toddler is finally in recovery after being bitten by a venomous snake in his own backyard over the weekend. Read on for the full story!


A little boy in Texas is finally in recovery after a venomous snake bite sent him straight to the hospital with his parents over the weekend.

“Nobody likes to consider the possibility that their kid is going to stop breathing right then and there, that they would have to do CPR until the paramedics got there,” said Sarah Nichols, a mom of two, told KYTX after her son’s nearly tragic accident.

According to the station, Nichols’ two sons were playing in the backyard at their home near Bullard over the weekend when her 2-year-old, Eoin, flipped over a flower pot and started pointing to something inside.

“And then it was just like lightning,” his mom recalled.” “I saw the snake lunge and bite his finger and it all just compounded after that.”

Without a weapon on hand, Nichols knew she should try stomping on the snake—later identified as a western cottonmouth—but she snapped a photo first.

“I whipped out my phone and took a picture of it and then it started striking at me,” Nichols said. “Because it lunged through the air at me, I did stomp it and then grabbed my kids and ran.”

After Nichols called 911, paramedics rushed Eoin to East Texas Medical Center, where doctors stabilized the tiny toddler.

Eoin was then taken to Dallas Children’s Hospital and given four rounds of anti-venom.

“When he woke up Saturday morning he was way more energetic than he had been at all on Friday after the bite,” Nichols recalled. “And he was moving his arm.”

Although he had to spend a few days in recovery, his condition is finally starting to improve, thanks to his mother’s quick thinking.

Nichols later posted a photo of the snake in her backyard on Facebook to warn other parents about the dangers lurking around their own homes.

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