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Toddler's Valiant Attempt To Win Back Stolen Nose [Video]


This toddler is devastated to learn that not only is her nose gone, but her own father is the one who stole it. Watch the hilarious video now!


Feeling hurt and betrayed, this crying little girl wants nothing more than for her father to just put her nose back where he found it.

We all know there’s nothing more traumatizing than getting your nose stolen.

The greatest part about this whole video is that the adorable 2-year-old never actually checks to see if it’s still on her face.

After screaming “daddy stole my nose!” over and over, the little girl is even more devastated that her mom won’t help her get it back.

Worse, they’re both laughing at her!

Convinced that she will never see her precious nose again, the defeated toddler makes one last attempt to get it back—simply by asking for it.

All is well in the world again, once dad finally puts it back on.

Within one minute, it’s as if the whole nose-stealing business never even happened.

Watch the hilarious video now!

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Video Credit: Kalila Momple via YouTube.com

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