Tom Cruise Continues To Give Daughter Suri The Cold Shoulder, Even As She Begs For His Attention


Now that Suri Cruise is getting older, she is desperately hoping her famous dad will get in touch with her, even if that means disobeying Scientology. Read on to learn more!


It’s been four years since Suri Cruise reportedly last saw her famous father, and the conspiracy theories surrounding the pair’s separation never cease to surprise fans.

The thought of any father abandoning his child for so many years would be shocking even outside of Hollywood, but for it to happen in the public eye only makes the situation seem that much more mysterious.

For years, it’s been rumored that Tom Cruise’s involvement in the fringe religion Scientology is what has destroyed almost all of his relationships.

When Nicole Kidman, now 50, left Cruise in 2001, suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere, it was reported that her then-husband had decided to cut ties with her because she did not support Scientology.

Even today, many insiders believe that Kidman is not allowed to have much contact with her and Cruise’s adopted children, Connor and Isabella Cruise, because they both support the Church of Scientology.

As for Cruise’s relationship with Suri’s mother, Katie Holmes, 38, it seems that almost exactly the same situation is playing out—only this time, Holmes has made sure that Suri is not part of Scientology.

Because both Holmes and Suri, 11, have parted ways with Scientology, Cruise reportedly has no contact with either one of them—not even Suri!

Sadly, the pain of an absentee father has not been lost on Suri, who is reportedly still heartbroken that her dad refuses to see her.

“Suri still loves her dad,” despite not seeing him for an alleged four years, explains an insider. “Of course she wants to be with him! She asked if she’d done something to make him stay away, and then begged him to come and visit!”

According to In Touch Weekly, Cruise also feels the pain of his separation from Suri and is now begging the church to let him visit her.

"I believe something changed in him after he learned just how heartbroken Suri still is," said the source. "Tom may be considering asking the church to make an exception and let him have a face-to-face visit with his little girl soon.”

“When Katie [Holmes] turned her back on Tom and Scientology, by extension, so did Suri — even though she’s an innocent party in all of this," the insider continued.

Although Holmes has reportedly attempted to shield Suri from her ex-husband’s abandonment, there’s only so much she can do.

“Her sentiments were short but full of emotion," said the source. “Of course Suri needs and misses her dad. But she’s growing up fast. If Tom doesn’t want to lose her forever, he’s got to make a move!”

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