What Farrah Abraham Calls Her Dad Always Makes Fans Cringe, But Apparently There's A Very Specific Reason For It


For years, fans have wondered why Farrah Abraham calls her father by his first name, and now we might finally know the real reason why. Read on for more details!


Farrah Abraham certainly knows how to make heads turn with her outrageous comments, but few things make fans cringe quite as hard as hearing the words, “Whatever, Michael!”

It’s been a mystery for years, and with each explanation comes even more questions. Why in the world does Farrah call her father by his first name?

Ever since she starred on MTV’s 16 and Pregnant, Farrah has been caught on camera calling her father by his first name, Michael, like it’s no big deal.

Now that Farrah and her mom, Debra Danielsen, are starring together on Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars: Family Edition, more fans are searching for answers as to why Farrah refuses to call her father “Dad.”

The issue was first addressed in 2010, when Farrah revealed that she called her father by his first name to make her sister, Ashley, feel more comfortable growing up, as Michael is not Ashley’s biological father.

“I have a sister and we have different dads, so in all fairness to my sister I call my dad Michael just like she does and everyone else in my family,” Farrah told SheFinds. “It works out fairly this way in my family. I do call my dad ‘Dad’ sometimes. If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way.”

However, later that very same year, Farrah gave a completely different answer, revealing that she actually refused to call her father “Dad” because he had taken her mother’s side during a blowout argument.

“Because I felt like he betrayed me for being on my mom’s side when she assaulted me,” Farrah said at the time, adding, “but I eventually got over it. I call him dad now.”

But wait, Farrah apparently still has some explaining to do!

In a Facebook Live interview with Best Products, Farrah’s mom, Debra, gave yet another reason why Farrah calls her father by his first name.

“In our family that’s not a big deal because a lot of my relatives on my dad’s side are from Denmark,” Debra explained. “We’re only second generation in the United States. I [grew up] hearing my dad call his parents [by their first names]. It’s just a thing.  I don’t know for all Danes but for them and everyone on their side of their family, everybody calls everybody by their first names.”

“It’s a sign of respect,” she added.

As for Debra, she prefers to be called “Mom.”

“When she tries to pull that on me though I’m like, ‘No, I’m your mother!’” she said.

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