What This Mom Gave Her Teething Baby To Soothe His Gums Got Her Thrown In A Psychiatric Hospital


A new mom in Russia is under fire after she allegedly gave her teething baby a sex toy to soothe his inflamed gums. Read on for the full story!


A new mom is under fire after sharing a photo online that shows her tiny baby chewing on what appears to be a sex toy.

According to Kidspot, 30-year-old Ekaterina Karimova gave her teething baby a dildo to chew on after allegedly being told by health professionals that a silicone-based object would be the best option for a teeth infant.

Karimova was so proud of her makeshift teething toy that she actually posted a video of her baby teething with the dildo online, where she was instantly slammed by people all over the world.

Tons of commenters instantly questioned the Russian mother’s ability to be an effective parent once she began posting several more photos of her baby chewing on a dildo on social media.

CEN via The Mirror

“This is not a mother, this is an idiot. The baby got really unlucky,” one commenter wrote.

“They should take the baby away from her, and send her to a psychiatric asylum for the rest of her life,” another added.

In one version of the original video, The Mirror reports that the sex toy looked to be covered in a condom.

According to reports, Karimova is now being investigated by Russian authorities over the video.

After the backlash erupted online, Karimova amped up her defense, claiming she was just trying to soothe her baby’s inflamed gums.

"I was told to put special silicone things in his mouth. I had a dildo at home, a small one, not a large one," she said.

Authorities say the baby has since been taken out of Karimova’s care and placed in an orphanage for the time being.

Karimova must now go to court in hopes of winning back custody of her baby boy.

According to The Mirror, shortly after the photos were released online, Karimova was taken to a psychiatric hospital, where she was reportedly diagnosed with a personality disorder.

On another social media account, Karimova reportedly expressed concern over her bond with her baby.

"I gave birth on 8th January,” she wrote earlier this year. "They took the baby out of me and it does not look like me. It happened by accident. I got knocked up."

The new mom, who has reportedly been posting about sex toys and contraception for some time, told her followers on social media that she did not have strong feelings of love toward her newborn son.

Still, Karimova is sticking by her original story that she only gave her baby a sex toy for the soft rubber.

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