What This Teacher Did To A Little Boy Had The School Calling Police For Help


An elementary school teacher in Florida has been arrested after she was accused of punching a little boy in her care. Keep reading for the full story!


An elementary school teacher in Florida is facing serious abuse charges after she was accused of punching a small child in her care this week.

According to WEAR-TV, 66-year-old Sharon Jones, a Warrington Elementary School teacher, was arrested after a student told deputies that she forcefully punched him in the back of the head.

According to the Escambia County Sheriff's Office, a deputy was called to the elementary school on Wednesday to talk to school officials, but the incident actually happened about a week ago, on March 10.

Authorities say that when the child was picked up from school after the incident, he remained adamant that Jones had punched him in the back of the head at some point during the day.

According to WEAR-TV, the young boy even repeatedly demonstrated how Jones punched him.

One witness later told investigators that she had heard a lot of yelling coming from Jones’ classroom on the day in question.

The witness reportedly walked out to see what all the commotion was about and caught Jones raising her hand out as if she was going to hit the boy on his backside.

She did not, however, see exactly where Jones hit the child, according to WEAR-TV.

When Jones was asked about the incident, she reportedly refused to cooperate with deputies.

She was then arrested and taken to Escambia County Jail. Jones is reportedly being suspended with pay pending the investigation.

WEAR-TV has since shared the story on Facebook, where many people had very different opinions about what happened that day.

“It's a shame that people automatically believe she's guilty without having the facts. A "witness" claims they saw her hit the child but doesn't know where?? There's a reason this school is one of the worst in the state and it can't be blamed solely on the teachers. Just saying,” one woman commented.

“Kyle your step mom is a great teacher and I'm sure once the facts come out she will be vindicated . I'm sure the kid deserved whatever she deemed necessary,” another added in a comment seemingly directed at Jones’ stepson.

“This goes on a lot at Warrington elem ...my daughter was abused at the same school ...and she has epilepsy,” one mom wrote.

“I believe it. The band teacher, when I was there in early 2000s, threw a chair across the room because someone played the wrong note....,” another woman added.

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