When A 12-Year-Old Boy's Bike Is Stolen, Police Officers Take It Personally For One Unexpected Reason


For the officers, this was very personal.


When a 12-year-old boy in Connecticut lost his beloved bike, a few police officers investigating his case went out of their way to make his day.

As WFSB reports, Naz Harding absolutely loved riding his bike…right up until the day it was stolen.

Needless to say Naz was crushed that somebody had stolen his bike, especially when he realized he could not afford to replace it.

According to reports, everybody at the police department already knows Naz, since he is part of the Hartford Police Department’s youth program PAL.

“I kinda took it personally because I know him, he’s a good kid,” Officer Kevin Small told WFSB.

“They do a lot for the community so we wanted to do something for them,” White told InsideEdition.com. “We felt the need to make it right.”

Thanks to the Hartford Police Department Guardians, Naz was surprised with a brand new bike and helmet earlier this week.

“His eyes opened up so wide and he was just so happy,” Naz’s mom, Catherine Harding, said.

“It was pretty cool of them to stop on their busy days fighting crime and doing what they're doing just to give my son a bike,” she added. “Just to give him back a bike, just as simple as riding with his friends means so much to these kids.”

Giving the new bike to Naz was a wonderful feeling for the police officers who know the boy and his family.

“It’s money well spent. It’s not the first time and it won’t be the last time that we try to invest in the community in Hartford,” Officer Tyrell Jenkins said.

Just to make sure the bike was totally safe, the officers even took Naz and his little sister for a spin after unveiling the big surprise.

Naz’s story is already touching hearts all over the country, with plenty of commenters praising the police officers for doing the right thing for a boy in need.

“Their is nothing more beautiful than a smile on a child's face! Keep up the good work!” one commenter wrote.

“Proud to be a resident of Hartford when I see things like this thank you HPD!” another added.

While speaking with Inside Edition, Naz thanked the police officers who went above the call of duty to replace his stolen bike.

“Thank you for buying me a bike,” Naz told the Hartford police officers during the interview. “[I was] surprised and happy, because I could ride my bike with my friends [again].”

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