When Baby's Diaper Leaks Onto Bed, Mom Immediately Turns The Shower On As Hot As She Can


An Indiana mother has confessed to severely abusing her 3-month-old baby, even burning the infant at one point. Keep reading for more details!


An Indiana mother has confessed to police that she severely abused her 3-month-old baby, who had to be hospitalized with painful burns.

According to JConline, 18-year-old Danielle Nichole Hunt is facing three counts of battery resulting in serious bodily injury and one count of child neglect.

Hunt’s infant was reportedly rushed to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis on March 5, when doctors discovered blistering burns all over the baby’s face and upper torso, according to a probable cause affidavit.

According to medical reports cited in the affidavit, doctors also found several healing fractures to the baby’s vertebrae, leg bones, ribs, and skull.

While speaking with investigators, Hunt reportedly admitted that she had grown violently angry with the infant on multiple occasions.

In at least one instance, Hunt reportedly told police that the contents of the baby’s dirty diaper leaked onto her hand, so she "squeezed the child's foot until she heard a popping sound."

On one other occasion, Hunt revealed that she snapped and threw the baby into a chair over the child’s "incessant crying."

During that instance, the infant immediately stopped crying and fell asleep, but Hunt did not seek any medical attention for the baby.

The night before the baby was finally taken to the hospital, Hunt explained that the contents from the child’s diaper had leaked onto the bed.

That’s when she grabbed the baby and stuck the infant under scorching hot water, until she realized the child’s skin was seriously burning.

Dozens of people have since shared their thoughts on this horrific story, which JConline posted on Facebook.

“OMG, seriously? Should of gave the poor boy up for adoption for someone that would really love him and take care of him. No baby should be treated like that in any instance. I hope she never has anymore kids. She should get the same treatment back. Course abuse will make a small baby like that cry. That child is supposed to depend on you for comfort and love. I hope reality hits you and one day you regret everything you did....,” one person commented.

“I am at a loss for words!!! This is happening way too often....If you do not want you child give it up for adoption!!! Don't abuse the baby/child!!! I hope they terminate her rights as well as the entire families rights....Put the child up for adoption.....The child will then know what it is like to be loved!!!!!” another added.

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