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When Identical Twin Sisters Both Got Pregnant, They NEVER Expected THIS To Happen! OMG!


Identical twin sisters gave birth just hours apart at the same hospital and their babies were delivered by the same doctor. Read on for more details!


Twins share everything together—birthdays, clothes, rooms—but delivery dates are usually where most of them draw the line.

Identical twin sisters Karen and Kathy Escobar never in a million years dreamed of giving birth on the same day.

They certainly didn’t plan on it happening, especially after learning how far apart their due dates were supposed to be.

Though Kathy was due to deliver on June 20, her twin sister wasn’t expecting her bundle of joy until July 31.

"[They] never thought they would be delivering on the same day," Ashley McClellan, CEO of The Woman's Hospital of Texas, wrote in a press release.

So, when Karen showed up to the hospital on Wednesday, June 17 with intense stomach pains, doctors were surprised to discover that she was, in fact, already in labor.

Knowing she needed her identical twin by her side just in case she did give birth, Karen asked Kathy to tag along as her “support person.”

Meanwhile, Kathy, who was due to give birth in just a couple of days herself, was surprised when she also began feeling abdominal pains.

After being examined, Kathy learned that she was also in labor—at the same exact time as her identical twin sister.

According to TODAY, Dr. Devanshi Somaiya delivered Kathy's healthy baby girl at 5:33 a.m., and Karen gave birth shortly after at 7:42 in the morning.

McClellan added that "both moms and babies are doing very well."

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