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When Mom's Newborn Begins Smelling Like Fish, She Starts A Bath. But The Rancid Smell Continues To Linger. That's When A Doctor Drops A Shocking Truth Bomb


A mom is speaking out about the fishy smell that lingered on her newborn daughter even after she was given several baths. Read on to learn more!


There’s nothing quite like the intoxicating smell of a newborn baby to make you want to have another kid.

But as we all know, that sweet smell can turn rancid at the drop of a hat, though a quick diaper change is typically all it takes to get back to that incredible newborn smell.

That’s why Cassie Hamer was so shocked when her beautiful 2-day-old baby girl suddenly started smelling like fish.

"The hospital dinner plates had been cleared away, yet there lingered a distinct smell of flathead fillets in the room," she wrote for Kidspot. "I unwrapped my pastel-striped bundle of joy and had a sniff of her. Yep, it was Lucy alright.”

"She smelled like someone had packed some tuna under her arm pits and left it there to fester," she added.

Assuming her daughter just needed a bath, Hamer quickly washed her baby girl. But the very next day, the sickening scent of old fish was back.

“Fair enough, I supposed. Lucy was yet to have her first bath. Being my third child, I hadn’t rushed to clean her up after the birth. Let’s just say that after bathing kids a thousand times, the novelty kind of wears off,” Hamer wrote. “I’d figured there was no harm in letting her marinate in her own birth juices for a couple of days. Maybe I’d just left it a little too long?”

“But there were visitors to think of, and I couldn’t have the room smelling like Da Costi’s so I duly took her down to the nursery to give her the first dunking. Problem solved, I thought, popping an icy pole in my undies and hopping back into bed,” she added. “Not quite.”

Though she even frantically cleaned the umbilical stump just in case, Hamer was absolutely certain that the horrific smell was still there—particularly underneath her daughter’s armpits.

By the time she was ready to leave the hospital, Hamer begged a pediatrician to tell her what was wrong with her baby girl.

That’s when she learned something absolutely shocking about her own daughter’s birth.

The doctor told Hamer to bathe her daughter in Phisohex, a chemical compound used in facial cleansers and to treat acne.

"It seems that Lucy had picked-up a skin bacteria during her ride down the vaginal slippery dip," Hamer explained. "So, basically, it was all my fault."

"After the hospital, our first stop was the chemist to buy some Phisohex," Hamer wrote. "At home, we used it once, and it worked an absolute treat. Suddenly, I had my sweet smelling baby girl."

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