When Mom's Water Breaks At 23 Weeks, She's Worried Sick About Losing Her Baby. But Then, While She's At The Hospital, Her Amniotic Sac Suddenly Reseals


The moment her water broke at 23 weeks, the mom knew her baby girl was in serious danger.


The moment Tiffany Ahlers’ water broke at 23 weeks, she knew her baby girl was in serious danger.

As Daily Mail Australia reports, Ahlers always knew she would have a difficult pregnancy, as she was born with two cervixes, but doctors thought a simple stitch would patch things up quickly.

Then, suddenly, in the middle of the night, her water broke.

“I woke in the middle of the night after the day I'd had my cervix stitched up, and felt this big gush,” she recalled. “At first, I thought it was blood from my operation, but then the idea crossed my mind: ‘What if it was my waters breaking?’”

As it turns out, she was right. Soon doctors began to prepare Ahlers for the possibility that her baby likely wouldn’t survive.

But in the days and weeks that passed in the hospital, something miraculous happened: Ahlers’ amniotic sac resealed.

Daily Mail AustraliaDaily Mail Australia

“I was totally petrified,” she said. “The doctor told me that in all his time he had only heard of one person whose amniotic sac had re-sealed, but I had this tiny glimmer of hope as I had read about some women who had experienced it on the Internet.”

Although Ahlers continued losing amniotic fluids for about three days, it suddenly stopped within a week.

“From that point on, it was all about the little goals,” she said. “Getting past 24 weeks was a big one, and then each week was a goal for my baby's survival.”

Daily Mail AustraliaDaily Mail Australia

Around 34 weeks, Ahlers started bleeding from the stitch, but she lasted six more days before doctors finally felt comfortable delivering her baby girl.

“Kaitlyn came out screaming after my Caesarean, but she was healthy at 2.5 kilograms. It was all a bit unreal to me. My baby was really here,” she said.

Nearly two years later, Ahlers often finds herself wondering how she got so lucky with Kaitlyn.

“Why was I so lucky?, I often think. I have seen professionals, and still have signs of PTSD. It's as if I'm grieving as though Kaitlyn never did arrive sometimes,” she told Daily Mail Australia. “It takes time to get over that, even though Kaitlyn is thriving and the most wonderful 20-month-old little girl today.”

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