While Fighting Cancer, 6-Year-Old Girl Misses Christmas With Her Family. 7 Months Later, She Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime


A 6-year-old girl in the UK finally got to celebrate Christmas months later after missing all the fun last year while being treated for cancer. Read on for the full story!


Agatha King absolutely loves Christmas, so she was heartbroken when she couldn’t celebrate with the rest of her friends and family last year.

The little girl was just 4 years old when she was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia, leaving her immune system compromised.

Because it was so dangerous for Agatha to go out, her parents were forced to avoid certain places that most kids love visiting around the holidays, like an ice skating rink or the mall.

Last year, Agatha, her parents, and her siblings, Bacchus and Meredith, pretty much had to stay home during the holiday season to make sure Agatha’s health wasn’t compromised.

“You miss out on all of the things to build up to Christmas – parties, switching of the lights in the town, ice skating,” King explained. “Nobody ever expects childhood cancer to enter our lives. It’s something we never considered.”

In fact, Agatha was so ill last winter that she couldn’t even participate in the nativity play that she had been rehearsing for months.

“Last year we didn’t get the Christmas we were hoping for as Agatha was in and out of hospital for treatment,” Agatha’s mom, Karen, revealed. “She even missed out on her school nativity play which she had been practising for at home. It was heart-breaking.”

“So for Agatha to finish her treatment yesterday and come here and celebrate at this magical winter wonderland party today is just amazing,” she added.

Agatha is just one of many children that Cancer Research UK thought of when the organization decided to put together a Christmas in July celebration.

“Lots of tears were shed because it’s so nice to see them being well enough to enjoy things,” Agatha’s mother said. “It’s lovely to be with other families. They just get it, they understand what you’re going through.”

Thanks to Cancer Research UK, Agatha got the chance to play in the snow, take a sleigh ride, and meet Santa Claus.

“We colored in pictures of the snow globes. There were games, too, and sweets,” Agatha told InsideEdition.com. “I felt really excited.

Although the whole family is still devastated over Agatha’s diagnosis, they say her happy demeanor is what keeps them going each day.

“Agatha’s probably kept us all going,” her mom said. “She takes everything in her stride. Her energy gives us energy and keeps us going.”

According to Metro, there were at least 20 children at the Winter Wonderland celebration who did not get a chance to have the Christmas they desperately wanted last year.

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