While Keeping An Eye On His Kids, Dad Notices His Girls Are No Longer Swimming. Then He Comes To An Alarming Realization


Several lifeguards and a father in Texas worked together to rescue two little girls who nearly drowned in a neighborhood swimming pool. Read on for the full story!


Authorities in Texas are commending a dad and several lifeguards for springing into action just in the nick of time when two little girls suddenly slipped underwater while swimming.

According to CBS DFW, a father was forced to pull his 5 and 6-year-old daughters from a Heritage neighborhood pool in Fort Worth after they both slipped underwater in the pool at the same time.

Although the dad was reportedly keeping an eye on his kids, they managed to slip under the water for several seconds before he was able to pull him out.

By the time the two girls made it out of the water, they were both reportedly unconscious.

Emergency crews were dispatched to the pool at Heritage Trace Parkway and General Worth Drive around 1 p.m. on Tuesday.

According to a Fort Worth Police Department Facebook post, the “true heroes” of this story are the lifeguards, who performed CPR on the two little girls and brought them back to consciousness before emergency responders arrived to the scene.

Police said "there aren't enough words to thank them for their heroic efforts."

Although both girls had to be taken to Cook Children’s Medical Center, they are expected to be just fine.

After the police department shared this amazing story on Facebook, many commenters praised the lifeguard for stepping up to the plate to rescue these two little girls.

“You would be surprised at how horrible parents treat these life guards, who are most still kids themselves. It's despicable. I'm happy to see a post praising them because they are amazing humans and are only enforcing rules put in place to PROTECT YOU AND YOUR CHILDREN. Job well done!!!” one woman commented.

“These are Bearfoot Management Life Guards. Some of the best trained guards around. Son has worked for them for 3 years. They put together a great team at every pool they are responsible for. Job well done Guards,” another added.

“Let's not forget to thank the 2 nurses that originally started CPR on these sweet little girls, knowing how critical those first seconds are! Tiffany Reis being one of those,” one woman wrote.

Although some commenters continued to wonder what happened to the children’s parents, authorities were quick to point out that the girls’ father also saved their lives.

“Father was there and is one of the reasons why they survived,” the Forth Worth Police Department wrote on Facebook.

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