While Watching The News, Great-Grandmother Notices A Baby Wearing Something Familiar. When She Looks Closer, She's Left Speechless.


A great-grandmother in Ohio has spent the last eight years knitting tiny caps for newborn babies at a local hospital. Keep reading for more details!


A great-grandmother in Ohio has spent the last eight years knitting adorable little hats for tiny newborn babies.

As PEOPLE reports, 90-year-old Barbara Lowe first saw one of her hats on a baby she wasn’t related to five years ago.

The baby had been featured on the 11 p.m. news after arriving 12 minutes after midnight on December 12, 2012.

“I let out a shout,” Lowe told PEOPLE. “I said ‘That’s one of my hats!’ It made me so happy to see it.”

Lowe knew the hat was one of the 2,200 she had knitted because she immediately noticed the distinctive flower she adds to all the caps she knits.

“It is just a plain little flower that I put on,” said Lowe, who revealed that each hat takes about four hours to knit. “When I give the gift, I don’t know if it will be worn by a boy or a girl. If it is given to a little boy, they can untie the bow and take the flower off.”

Lowe has been knitted ever since she taught herself in high school, making her the only woman in her family to pick up the hobby at the time.

In 2009, she decided to start knitting caps for newborn babies at Hillcrest.

“I love babies and I love to knit,” Lowe said. “Anytime I receive a gift that someone made, it means more to me than if they bought it in a store. I wanted to give these babies something special as they started out.”

Photo Credit: Barbara Lowe via PEOPLE

Mary Bartos, RN, director of Women’s & Children’s Services at Hillcrest Hospital, said the hats are a great gift for the babies that also provide a teachable moment for their parents.

“It’s not only a lovely gift that parents appreciate, but it provides us with a teachable moment,” Bartos told PEOPLE. “We talk about the cap and explain how important it is to keep a baby warm, especially when they are outside in inclement weather.”

“The parents are always so pleased to have something that someone made for them. And the caps are so pretty,” Bartos added. “Of course parents are very excited when their babies are born. It’s a very special day for them. Nothing ever is more important than the birth of a child whether it’s your first, third or fifth. And the cap makes the day even more special.”

Lowe, who has 11 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren, loves providing such a thoughtful gift to new parents when they meet their babies for the first time.

“When she first started doing it, I thought it was just a really neat thing to do,” said Barbara Dew, Lowe’s eldest daughter. “We know [the caps] are special. She made all of us lots of handmade items. It is part of our lives and people who don’t have [handmade items] really appreciate them.”

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