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Woman Branded ‘Ugliest Girl in the World’ Combats Bullying in Documentary [Video]


After being called the "ugliest woman in the world," Lizzie Velasquez is creating a documentary to help combat bullying. Watch the kick-starter video now!


Lizzie Velasquez made waves just last year when she presented a 15-minute “Ted Talk” about how it felt to be branded the “ugliest girl in the world.”

Now, Lizzie is working on a new documentary to help other bullying victims speak out against their abusers.

25-year-old Lizzie suffers from a condition so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. In fact, only two other people in the world have shared the same condition.

At just 60 pounds, the young woman is unable to gain weight and reportedly has close to zero per cent body fat.

Aside from being severely underweight and small, Velasquez is also blind in her right eye, has limited vision in her left eye, and is easily prone to illnesses.

She says she has been teased since she was in kindergarten and has been tormented by bullies throughout her entire life.

Still, she wasn’t prepared for the pain she felt when she stumbled upon a YouTube video, which called her the “ugliest woman in the world.”

Comments about her physical appearance ranged anywhere from calling her a “monster” to telling her to put a gun to her head.

Although Lizzie was incredibly hurt by the comments, she decided to turn her negative experience into a positive lesson for others.

After becoming a motivational speaker, Velasquez gave a 15-minute “Ted Talk,” which went viral almost immediately.

Instead of pitying herself, Lizzie joked about the perks of her condition—like being able to eat whatever she wants and not gain weight.

Now, Lizzie has become an inspiration for bullying victims everywhere. So, she’s creating a documentary to show the world how kids really feel when they grow up bullied and harassed.

She’s released a kick-starter video, called “I’m With Lizzie” for “The Lizzie Project.”

Watch the video now!

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Video Credit: Lizzie Velasquez via YouTube.com

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