Woman Dies Before She Has A Chance To Give Her Baby A Name. Then A Volunteer Worker Comes To A Startling Realization About The Little Boy


A young woman from the UK is desperately trying to raise enough money to adopt a baby she cared for while volunteering in Uganda during her gap year. Read on for the full story!


Emilie Larter was just 22 years old when she decided to volunteer at a children’s home in Uganda during her gap year.

The volunteer work was only supposed to last a couple of months, but that all changed the moment she met a newborn baby boy named Adam.

Adam’s mother had died immediately after giving birth, leaving behind seven children, with Adam being the youngest.

For months, Larter was Adam’s sole provider, the person feeding him, changing his diapers, and loving him unconditionally.

By the time she was supposed to go home to Britain, Larter could no longer imagine her life without Adam.

When Larter did return home, she did so with the intention of saving up enough money to adopt Adam.

“I cannot imagine a future without him,” she said.

Now 25, Larter has lost her full-time teaching job and is desperately trying to raise enough money to pay for Adam’s adoption and bring him to Britain.

“I need the money to finish the adoption process. Lawyer fees, court fees...it all adds up. I no longer have an income to be able to pay for this as I had originally intended,” she wrote on a crowdfunding page.

“I am asking for your help to ensure we are not separated again. In the New Year, I hope so desperately to legally become Adam's mum,” she added.

When Larter first went to Uganda, she assumed she would be doing more traveling once she finished her volunteer work.

Instead, Adam has become her entire focus since the very moment she met him.

“His mother had died due to excessive bleeding after birth. He had not received any breast milk or formula and there was no one able to care for him. His mum left this world before even giving him a name,” Larter said, of meeting Adam for the first time. “We took him in and I became the little one's sole carer. The sleepless nights were down to me, but they were no bother. I felt privileged to do it.”

“I extended my stay. I stayed with him for almost two months. We named him Adam. I didn't do much but never a day went by where I was bored. I could sit and watch him for hours,” she added.

Although Larter eventually returned home, she flew back to Uganda during every holiday to see Adam. Though she soon realized that the short visits just weren’t enough.

Because Uganda requires prospective parents to live in Uganda for at least one year as foster parents before they can legally adopt, Larter set out to go immediately.

Unfortunately, it didn’t take long before Larter lost her full-time teaching job in Uganda, leaving her unable to afford fostering and adopting Adam.

Larter is now determined to raise enough money online to help her adopt Adam and bring him home with her.

“Not only does he make me smile every day, but I have heard nothing but good reports on how he has been doing at nursery school. Since I have been back, he is happy, cries less and has grown a lot,” she said. “I cannot imagine a future without him in it.”

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