Woman Places A Twisted Ad Online, Asking For $1,000. But What She's Offering Gets Her Arrested Immediately


A woman in Oregon has been arrested after she allegedly offered a 3-year-old girl up to a strange man for sex in return for money. Read on for more details!


A sick woman in Oregon has been accused of offering up a 3-year-old girl to strangers for sex before she was finally busted.

According to KATU, Kelsey Christine Wheeler was finally arrested last week by the FBI after authorities completed a child porn investigation connected with a Eugene man.

When police interviewed the man earlier this month, the man reportedly told them that he met up with Wheeler after responding to a sex ad she allegedly posted in January 2017.

According to court documents, Wheeler, who reportedly used an alias online, offered a young child up to those who were willing to pay $1,000 for a meeting.

After speaking with Wheeler, investigators learned that she had allegedly been working as a prostitute, on and off, since she was just 15 years old.

While she quickly denied offering up the toddler for sex, Wheeler told police that the man in question offered to pay her $6,000 for a “mother-daughter” sexual experience.

Police say they later discovered that Wheeler had been investigated by Child Protective Services after she, a young child, and a man were all found inside a Las Vegas motel room wearing very little clothing.

KATU has since shared this twisted story on Facebook, where hundreds of people wondered why Wheeler even had custody of this child in the first place.

“And she was already investigated in Las Vegas?! Sterilize this psycho so she stops abusing her kids! And post her photo everywhere so she can't 'baby sit' anyone else's! Sick woman! Just kill her seriously. And anyone involved. Demented people like that who have fantasies about children are sick. There is no helping them,” one woman commented.

“How does she still have the kid after Vegas? The systems that are in place prove us time and time again they are failing the children. The systems need to change if this can continue to happen after already being under investigation. This is sick. The government has failed this child,” another commenter wrote.

“I have zero tolerance to any type of abuse and in the negative for tolerance on sexual abuse to children. I pray this woman never has a child near her ever! Men and women that abuse children need to be punished....right after the grandparents get done with them,” one commenter added.

At this time, it remains unclear what happened to the 3-year-old girl once Wheeler was taken into custody last week.

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