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WWII Vet And Toddler Form Unlikely Friendship Over Tomatoes [Video]


An unlikely friendship between a toddler and a WWII vet all started when they both realized how much they love tomatoes. Keep reading to learn more!


Nobody could predict the beautiful friendship that would ensue when a little Minnesota boy struck up a conversation about tomatoes with a WWII vet.

It all started a few months ago when 2-year-old Emmett noticed tomatoes—his favorite food—growing in 89-year-old Erling’s yard.

The pair had been neighbors for quite some time in Farmington, but it wasn’t until the curious toddler began meandering over to the garden every day that they became friends, KARE 11 reported.

While they originally bonded over their shared love for tomatoes, Emmett and Erling also enjoy riding bikes, racing Emmett’s motorized tractor against Erling’s lawn mower, and playing croquet.

They’re inseparable.

That’s why the pair’s imminent separation is so painful for Erling, Emmett, and Emmett’s parents, who have grown to love their neighbor like a family member.

Although their friendship is still growing, Emmett’s parents have decided to move because they need more space. Erling, who is approaching 90, has recently agreed to move into a senior living facility at the request of his worried family.

In an interview with KARE 11, Emmett’s parents, Bryan and Anika Rychner, confessed that the move will be bittersweet for everybody.

"It's tough," said Erling, his voice cracking, when asked about the moves he and Emmett will soon make.

While Erling and Emmett know they will have to say goodbye soon, for now they’re focusing on spending as much time together as possible.

Watch the interview now!

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Video Credit: KARE 11

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