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X-Ray Shows Something Outrageous Stuck In Baby's Throat


Doctors had to act quickly.


Doctors in China had to remove a massive needle from a 1-year-old baby girl’s throat after she accidentally swallowed it.

As The Daily Mail reports, X-ray photos from a hospital in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province show a clearly visible needle stuck in the little girl’s throat.

needle-babyPhoto Credit: News Flare via Daily Mail

While it still remains unclear exactly how the baby actually swallowed the needle, it is believed that her parents rushed her to the hospital several hours after it happened.

Doctors were later recorded performing throat surgery to remove the giant needle from the baby’s throat without causing any serious damage.

“This needle is 4cm long and one end is poking into the tonsil,” one doctor said in the video. “The other end is at the bottom of the throat.”

“If it not removed it might cause internal bleeding or an infection,” he continued.

According to The Daily Mail, doctors were forced to perform an endoscopy—a procedure that involves sticking a thin, flexible tube with a camera attached down the throat—to retrieve the sharp needle.

baby-needlePhoto Credit: News Flare via Daily Mail

The doctors in the short clip then placed the needle next to a syringe to show viewers just how big it really was.

Fortunately, after the quick procedure, the baby girl is said to be doing just fine.

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