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14 Years After Joshua Guimond Vanished From School, Dad Thinks University Planned A 'Set-Up'


The parents of a missing college student in Minnesota are still searching for answers 14 years after their son disappeared during his three-minute walk home in 2002. Read on to learn more!


It’s been 14 years since 20-year-old Joshua Guimond vanished after leaving a college party, but his parents still haven’t given up hope that their son may one day return home safely.

According to the New York Times, Joshua was a student at St. John’s University when he mysteriously disappeared in 2002.

What makes Joshua’s case so much stranger than others in the Minnesota area is that investigators believe he vanished during a window of less than 5 minutes.

As CBS Minnesota reports, when Joshua left his friend’s place to go home on that chilly November night, it should have taken him just 3 minutes to walk back to his dorm room.

“Josh was one of the most responsible people I know. He would never disappear randomly, unless something happened,” Joshua’s roommate, Nick Hydukovich, said shortly after he went missing.

Although investigators immediately launched a massive search, there were no signs of Joshua anywhere in the St. Joseph’s area.

When Joshua disappeared shortly after midnight on November 10, he was not wearing a jacket warm enough for the bitter cold night, nor did he take his car with him.

During an interview in 2014, Joshua’s parents, Brian Guimond and Lisa Cheney, said they would do whatever it takes to bring their son home.

Shortly after he went missing, according to Guimond, somebody gained access to Joshua’s computer in his dorm room and erased hundreds of emails from his hard drive.

Guimond claims he has an idea of what happened that night, but he has no evidence to back up his theory.

While speaking with the Newsleader, Guimond said his son’s disappearance was a “set-up” involving one or more staff members at SJU.

Coincidentally, Joshua vanished from the same area as another missing child, Jacob Wetterling, whose body was just discovered earlier this month, 27 years after he vanished.

If Joshua is still alive today, he would be 34 years old.

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